HARD-ISH BODIES - NARRATIVE SHORT - (8min) - NEON NOIR - COMEDY- Writer/Director - Mike Carreon


Everyone has the right to feel sexy

I initially created Hard-ish Bodies as a live theater show. It came from my own struggles with body image and trying to find moments where I felt sexy. During the show, I found that not only were we owning our bodies in a way we never had before, but audiences were connecting with these vulnerable, everyday men in a way that took Austin by storm. After selling out two runs and winning the B. Iden Payne Award for Outstanding Production of an Improv Show (2017), Hard-ish Bodies was ready to bring its message of body positivity to film. Thanks to our fans and supporters, we raised over $12k. For the past two years, my crew and the team at Revelator have been piecing this film this together. I am proud of what it’s become - a beacon of body positivity and an homage to all the movies and comedians I loved growing up. I truly believe this weird story with a big heart can change the world. Simply seeing someone that looks like you--feeling sexy--can change how you feel about yourself, so I’m using Hard-ish Bodies to show other people that look like me can have fun and look sexy doing it.

MIKE CARREON - Writer/Director


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