"The Full Monty" in a "Magic Mike" world.

Hard-ish Bodies is an ensemble comedy following the men and women of Stoney's Rock Hard Palace. Only these “entertainers” aren’t your chiseled, oiled-up, dudebros — too fat, too skinny, too hairy — the unshakable men of Stoney’s tease, please, and leave you wanting more. Think "The Full Monty" in a "Magic Mike" world. The chubby and charming, Mitch "The Midnight Train" struggles to believe in himself as a lead dancer. While the owner of the place, Stoney, must come clean and tell the dancers that club will be torn town to make way for condos...like every other good thing in Austin. 

The Latest From Hard-ish Bodies:

The Main Characters


Mitch "The Midnight Train"

(late 20’s; lead): a charming and usually confident male stripper. He's heavier than most, though he stopped noticing a long time ago.

James 1.png

Stoney "Tex Longride"

(early 40’s): The chiseled, southern owner of the place. A once hotshot dancer who didn't make the big time. His stays fit to keep up with the younger guys.

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(late 20’s; the love interest): a reserved bridesmaid who has never let loose, until now. She’s not shy about knowing what she wants.


Why Tell This Story?

Hard-ish Bodies needs to be told because it's a funny story that ultimately promotes body positivity. 

“Self love” especially towards one’s body is part of a $10 Billion industry that has been predominantly geared towards women. Following the direction of proven self love marketing like Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign and popularity of the successful Magic Mike film franchise, Hard-ish Bodies is meant to plant a similar seed of self love and social change for men - all while being a fresh concept for a relatable and highly marketable film. 


How do we know this will work?

It already has...

Hard-ish Bodies was originally created as a live comedy show by Mike Carreon.  It has since won the 2016 B. Iden Payne Award for Outstanding Production of Improv - Austin's version of the Tony's. The show's first run completely sold out and is back for a second run in November & December of 2016. Click here for more information about the live show. 

What do we need to make this work?

Hard-ish Bodies will be hosting a
crowdfunding campaign in January & February of 2016

  • Goal of $8.5k with a stretch goal of $10k
  • 30-day crowdfunding campaign starting Jan. 23, 2016
  • Will be using the Seed&Spark platform