Meet The Cast & Crew: Carissa McAtee

POSITION: Choreographer

POSITION: Choreographer

How did you get started dancing/choreographing?

Been dancing since I was 4! Been choreographing for stage shows and community theater since 14, now 34:)

How did you first get involved in Hard-ish Bodies?

Mike asked me!

How has it’s message about body positivity affected you?

I have a long history with eating disorders and I think it' sends an amazing message to anyone and everyone who has body issues

What do you think about crowdfunding on Seed&Spark so far? Best parts? Worst parts?

It's been definitely a challenge but a fun one. It's difficult for me to ask for money

When do you feel your sexiest?

Dancing for sure!

What would be your stripper name?

Probably my regular and middle name would work

Carissa has been dancing for 30 years and is happiest when she's teaching others how joyful it is to use your body for expression. Carissa has dabbled in acting, comedy, and works in radio as her day job, but is still happiest when she's moving. When she's not putting together the next sexy dance for the men of Hard-ish Bodies, Carissa loves the great outdoors and just launched a handmade jewelry company!