Meet The Cast & Crew: Adam Mengesha



How did you get started acting?

It started by accident. I had signed up for Art class in high school but they ended up putting me in Drama because the it was full. Once I was in I got hooked. That and watching The Matrix.

How did you first get involved in Hard-ish Bodies?

Mike had approached me and two others about the show before pitching it to the theater and asked if we would be interested in being involved, to which I immediately said 'Yes'.

How has it’s message about body positivity affected you?

Its helped me see that I'm not the only guy who has insecurities about his body. Getting to share and hear other guys from the cast talk about their insecurities really helped me accept my own skin.

What do you think about crowdfunding on Seed&Spark so far? Best parts? Worst parts?

It's been a really great experience. You can tell they really are invested in helping indie films reach their goals and having a success campaign with the tools that they offer.

When do you feel your sexiest?

When I'm on stage.

If your character could give you life advice, what would they say?

Don't be ashamed to look in the mirror and think you are one sexy man

Friends have told Adam that he's got the dorkiness levels of Ben Wyatt, the kid like heart of Andy Dwyer, and the quirks of Tom Haverford. Adam once held the world record for the most push-ups into a pan of BBQ sauce, saying "I've never gotten the chance to share that so I thought I'd use it" - Adam.

On a more serious note. Adam was born and raised in Dallas, TX. He moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas. After graduating he decided to redirect his plans and pursue his passion in acting. Adam performed and studied improv comedy at the various improv theatres throughout Austin, while also training in a two-year acting program with Richard Robichaux. Currently, Adam is in Chicago continuing his training in improv and acting.