Meet The Cast & Crew: Regina Soto



How did you get started acting?

I've been involved in community theater for over 15 years. I started behind the scenes with stage managing and sitting on the board of a production company and eventually ended up onstage as an actor and improviser.

How did you first get involved in Hard-ish Bodies?

Mike shared his concept of the show with me and some other improvisers one day and I loved it and wanted to be a part of it. We decided to pitch it to the Institution Theater and the rest is history.

How has it’s message about body positivity affected you?

I've felt insecure and somewhat disconnected from my body for years. Being on this show has helped me reconnect with my body and love the way I look, and feel more comfortable with and appreciative of my curves. It helped me remember that we are all uniquely beautiful and we just need to relax and enjoy who we are because the world needs people who value themselves.

What do you think about crowdfunding on Seed&Spark so far? Best parts? Worst parts?

I think it's great that Seed & Spark exists and is here to help independent filmmakers achieve their dreams. There are so many talented writers, actors, producers, etc. that need the support and guidance that Seed & Spark offers. Crowdfunding is not an easy journey, but S&S helps sets you up for success.

When do you feel your sexiest?

When I'm doing something I love like improvising or cooking a really great meal. Also, when I flirt with someone and they flirt back!

If your character, Roxy, could give you life advice, what would she say?

Life is short, baby, so love yourself, love others and eat the damn cupcake.

Regina Soto moved to Austin from El Paso, Texas, to work at the Austin NBC affiliate in the programming department. In El Paso, Regina was involved in community theater mostly behind the scenes, and she was a radio disc jockey at a local jazz station where she also produced and hosted a half hour self-help radio talk show. Regina discovered the improv scene in Austin and decided that being onstage was more fun than being behind the scenes. Regina has co- produced several improv shows and acted in several plays, a web series and short films. She currently co-hosts a self-help (yep, there's a pattern) comedy podcast called "Help Wanted" which recently celebrated one year on the air. She loves cooking and is ok at it, and she enjoys staycations where she just wears pajamas all day and watches all of the Real Housewives series with her two fur babies, Annie and Mr. Chico.