November 4   – The Midnight Train

November 4 –
The Midnight Train

November 11   – Roxy

November 11 –

November 18   – Mr. Magic

November 18 –
Mr. Magic

November 25   –    Brock Steady

November 25 –
Brock Steady

December 2   – Hidden Temple

December 2 –
Hidden Temple

December 9   – 1010

December 9 – 1010

December 16   – Tex Longride

December 16 – Tex Longride

Hard-ish Bodies Season 2 Poster

Billed as “ The Full Monty” in a “Magic Mike” world, Hard-ish Bodies is an improvised male strip show that aims to hit on body positivity in a funny way.

Too fat. Too skinny. Too old. Too whatever. Body image plagues many of us and often keeps us from ever feeling sexy. We aim to fix that by empowering our dancers of all shapes and sizes to take the stage in order to redefine what it means to be sexy.

Hard-ish Bodies is an improvised, narrative adventure for the men (and women) of the fictional club, Stoney’s Rock Hard Palace. Each week, we will follow a featured performer as they discover what it means to be an entertainer and, ultimately, what it means to be a man. Something new this time around, our very own sultry and seductive MC, Roxy, will be getting her own night as the show’s heroine on November 11th. It’s a night you won’t want to miss.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a mature show with real men doing real dancing in a real sexy way. Audience members can choose to be just observers or get more involved in the action from the special audience participation seats.

Directed by Mike Carreon, featuring Marcone Cangussu, Rob Chenoweth, Rose Frezza, James C. Leary, Heidi Lorenz, Ace Manning, Adam Pabbason, Roxy Soto, and Angie Yaeyama.

Tech: Mark Shoemaker & Tom Booker

Movement Instructor: Carissa McAtee

Sponsored by: Package MenswearBrass OvariesSteve Rogers Photography, & Lidia’s Alterations.