It's (finally) Happening!!!

It's Happening Update.png

Hey there you sexy thangs - 

As you know, it's been a hell of a time getting Hard-ish Bodies going, but your wait is finally over. 

We've got production dates set! 

We've locked down October 18th & 19th as our finish line, for production at least. 

A lot has happened since our last update, so I'll give you a quick breakdown of some updates:

  1. Revelator Productions based in Austin, Texas has stepped in and will be leading our production efforts. More specifically, Rolando Romero has come on board as producer, with Revelator partners, Chris Ohlson & Matt Muir, serving as Executive Producers. Revelator has been crucial in getting this film to where it needed to be and have been advocates/supporters of the project since its inception.

  2. The script has taken a different direction. While the characters and the mission of the project remain the same, the story has evolved. I was forcing it to be a love story when it was asking to be something more. For those that saw the live show, you know that each show was unique in that an obstacle presented itself and the Stoney's crew had to figure it out. So with that in mind, we came up with an obstacle that has been making us laugh since we thought of it... MITCH GETS STOLEN. More to come in a future update. 

  3. Lastly, new obstacle means new characters. We're excited to be welcoming to the team, Heidi Lorenz & Marcone Cangussu. Together, they will be playing the goons that steal Mitch. Both Heidi & Marcone, have been involved with HB since our live shows. Heidi with both runs and Marcone with our second run. I couldn't be happier to have them on board. Again, more info to come here in future updates. 

There will be more updates coming over the next couple weeks as we ramp up to film this passion project. We'll be looking for extras, keeping you updated on pre-production, and bringing you along as we make this happen. 

Thank you for being a part of this project. We're so close! Get excited.


The cast & producers together for our read-through. It was a fun night! 

The cast & producers together for our read-through. It was a fun night!